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Popular Programs

All presentations and programs will be tailored specifically to your needs. Rhonda and her team will speak at length with the meeting planner and several of the organization’s leaders or top-performance members to gather information for program customization. Keynotes are designed to be between 60 and 90 minutes in length. All other programs can be customized to be presentations lasting anywhere from 60 minutes in length up to a fullday workshop.

Rhonda champions others to live a bigger, better life both professionally and personally. Her expertise lies in her ability to make it relevant and real! With an entertaining style and information-packed programs, her enthusiasm moves people to take positive action. She energizes people and organizations to shift their thinking, communicate more effectively and implement success strategies in order to:

  • Generate creative thinking and increase innovation
  • Help employees find their motivation to take positive, consistent action
  • Leverage strengths
  • Improve performance
  • Create momentum for forward motion
  • Improve internal and external working communications and relationships
  • Power-up people skills for greater ability to connect, persuade and influence
  • Facilitate Teambuilding and team work
  • Create “Knockout” customer service
  • Heighten leadership and management skills
  • Lead and Manage more effectively
  • Reduce conflict and negativity
  • Raise morale and improve workplace environment
  • Impact bottom-line productivity and profitability

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